How Do I Get A Maryland/D.C. Divorce Fast?

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First, cooperate with your spouse. If you want to get a divorce in Maryland or the District of Columbia as quickly as possible, cooperation is the easiest way to make that happen. The second key to getting your divorce as quickly as possible is hiring experienced and top-rated Maryland and DC divorce attorneys like those at The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl. We can help with divorce proceedings in both Maryland and the District of Columbia. Here are tips on how to get your Maryland/D.C. divorce as fast as possible (even if the divorce is contested in some respect).


As stated above, cooperation is key. A marriage can be legally dissolved in as little as three months if both spouses agree to the divorce. The basic requirement is that the spouses agree on all aspects of the divorce. Generally, the spouses have an attorney prepare a Settlement and Divorce Agreement (or something similar). This sets out what the spouses have agreed to with respect to:

  • Division of marital property/debt (including what will be deemed as “separate property”)
  • Alimony (also called spousal support)
  • Child custody, support, and visitation (if there are children in the marriage)

Even if the divorce is contested in some respect — like alimony — cooperation can save time. For example, if the spouses cooperate on the question of service of summons, that can save a couple of weeks in the legal process. Service of summons means that the court papers have to be hand-delivered to the spouse who has not initiated the divorce. But, that spouse can complete a form called waiver of service. Attempts to serve the divorce papers can take a couple of weeks. But, waiving the service of summons can save time. In that way, the spouse can get the earliest date possible for their first hearing before the judge.

Be willing to compromise

This is similar but different than being cooperative. Being willing to compromise begins with the idea that neither spouse will get everything that they might want. If the divorce is decided by the Maryland/D.C. divorce court, one spouse is not likely to get the marital home, the family pets, the family heirlooms, sole custody of the kids, and a lot of alimony. Unless there are legitimate allegations of abuse or neglect, such is too one-sided. One spouse cannot expect to get “everything.” Know that, and be willing to compromise on things that are not essential to what you want.

Prepare in advance

Divorcing spouses need to complete a lot of court forms and supply a lot of documents. One form is a financial disclosure. This lists all of the spouse’s assets. The divorce court will use this as part of the equitable division of marital property. This can be done in cooperation and in advance of the divorce filing. Likewise, the couple will need a copy of their marriage license and other marriage and family documents. Gathering those types of documents in advance of the divorce can save time.

Likewise, with parenting plans, if there are children involved. Completing a parenting plan can be stressful since the parents have to decide a lot of things in advance. For example, which parent will “have” the kids for the holidays, for which holidays, and what about birthdays (not just the birthdays of the kids, but of the parents and other family members)? Getting the parenting plan resolved in advance can help in making the divorce process as fast as possible.

Maryland And D.C. Family Law Attorneys

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