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Award Winning Lawyer

Helped more than 200+ clients since 2008

Passionate in advocating for our clients’ rights

Award Winning Lawyer

Helped more than 200+ clients since 2008

Passionate advocate for our clients’ rights

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The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl are a Maryland and Washington, DC-based family law and estate planning practice. Our seasoned attorneys provide full-service representation in matters related to divorce, child custody, guardianship, and wills and estate planning. The legal team at our firm is uniquely qualified and experienced with our diverse legal backgrounds to help you resolve a pressing legal issue. If you or a loved one need guidance regarding estate planning or dissolution of your marriage, contact our office today to set up a consultation. All of our clients receive unmatched personal attention and dedication in any court action they are pursuing. Lead Attorney and founder Thomas Stahl has successfully mediated, litigated, and reached agreements under the most challenging circumstances since he began practicing law in 2008. If you need a divorce lawyer that can give you peace of mind and the best outcome possible for your situation, call us today to learn more about our legal services.

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Our Practice Areas

African American family hugging
African American family hugging

Family Law

Full-service Family Law Practice

When we say our law practice provides full-service family law and estate planning services, we mean it. Our clients rely on us to represent them in numerous situations, including:

The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl provides a broad range of family law services because many of these practice areas overlap. This is often the case in LGBTQ divorce cases where one parent did not establish their parental rights through second-person adoption and wants to pursue custody of their child. Our team of child custody lawyers will prove invaluable in these situations because of our extensive practice experience.

Wills and Estate

Plan Your Estate Before You Need to Use it

When you need to protect your assets and ensure your family will benefit from a lasting legacy you leave behind, the estate planning attorneys at The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl should be your first call. We are passionate about being prepared for anything life throws our way and provide ongoing estate planning and probate legal services. Our team will help you achieve a multigenerational legacy that will continue to benefit your family or business for decades. Some of the critical estate planning services we provide our clients include:

From drawing up a will to more complex matters involving guardianship of a special needs family member, we make it our goal to ensure the security of your property and family.

a blue car parked infant of a house in the suburbs
a blue car parked infant of a house in the suburbs
close-up of an elderly woman's hands on her lap holding a walking stick
close-up of an elderly woman's hands on her lap holding a walking stick

Legal Guardianships

Guardianship Services to Protect Your Vulnerable Loved One

Maryland and DC families have relied on our firm to help them protect the best interests of a vulnerable adult or minor child needing their care through guardianship actions. Depending on your family situation, there are a few options to choose from when wishing to gain legal authority over an adult or minor child, including:

Regardless of which path you need to follow, we will help you navigate this sensitive area of the law and ensure your loved one gets the advocacy they deserve.

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Customer Reviews

Hear it From Our Clients

My attorney Tom Stahl spent endless hours working on my case. Tom has a strong background in litigation and in an ugly divorce case you need someone that is strong in litigation. I highly recommend Tom Stahl to anyone who is seeking divorce and custody battle. Their rates are reasonable, the attorneys are very knowledgeable, and I always felt comforted and in good hands with the attorneys at Spencer and Stahl.
Tommy Tran
October 2017
We have worked with Tom for our business, family, and personal legal needs. He has been articulate, detailed and caring in every step of the way. They have done everything to make sure we felt comfortable and knowledgeable as we made decisions. I recommend him to all my contacts and know that we are always in good hands with him and his team!
August 2017
My lawyer made every step of the process very clear. He listened to my wishes. He brought to all events a tenacity that made me know that he had my best interest in mind and would not let anyone take advantage of me. A divorce and custody case is difficult for all parties and the way he showed respect to my ex and concern for our children was honorable. I pray I never need a lawyer again but if I do it will be Tom Stahl!
April 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule a consultation with the Law Offices of Thomas Stahl. During the consultation, we will get an initial understanding of your circumstances and needs. We will then explain the law or laws that apply to your case and will suggest the best possible legal approach to take. And last but certainly not least, we will provide you with ample time to ask us questions.

It truly depends on your unique circumstances and the agreed upon legal approach. There are many factors that can affect the progress of your case. We will do everything we can to work efficiently and keep you informed of progress along the way.

Depending on the complexity of your case, the experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Thomas Stahl can provide you with the typical break down of expenses and hourly rates. However, the final cost of your case depends very much on the circumstances and progress of your case. We will always work to help you get the best possible outcome using the most cost-effective measures.

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With over 13 years of practice experience in family law and estate planning, choosing The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl means you receive legal representation that has been recognized for its success and quality. We have forged relationships with our clients that have seen them through matters of divorce, custody and support modifications, and emotionally trying estate litigations. Our goal is to take on the burden of navigating the law and help you reach a solution that does not sacrifice your rights or future well-being.

Partner with our seasoned attorneys and get peace of mind knowing the legal advice and representation we provide you is backed by years of successful practice experience. The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl will always work toward the best possible outcome for your legal matter and will keep you aware and educated about the process every step of the way.

To learn more about how our highly trained family law and estate planning lawyers can be of service, contact us today by calling (410) 696-4326 or (202) 964-7280, or email us at to schedule a consultation. You can also submit a request through our online form, and one of our staff will get in touch with you.