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After going through the difficult task of negotiating a child custody or support agreement, trying to modify these orders can be difficult in DC and Maryland. Courts recognize that circumstances can change, but due to the amount of effort it takes to reach an agreement everyone can live with, modification requires a significant life change to justify it. Much like the legal team of The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl, child custody and support attorneys are your best first step in evaluating whether your request is reasonable and justified. As advocates for thousands of families over the years, our lawyers understand the standard a family court will rely on when considering if your change in circumstances warrants a modification to your current custody or support order. Whether you lost a job and experienced a dramatic income change or cannot visit with your child because you have to relocate out of state, we will fight for your relationship with your child.

How to Modify a Child Custody Order in DC or Maryland?

When beginning the process of modifying a child custody order, you will need to gather evidence of your material change in circumstance leading to your request. You will also need to demonstrate that the difference has had a significant effect on your child’s best interests. Typically, acceptable reasons for a modification of previously ordered custody arrangements include:

You have or will relocate

If your job requires you to move, or you need to relocate to be closer to a relative needing your care, the court may consider granting your modification request.

Your work schedule has changed and impacts your visitation or custody rights

Times change, as does the economy, which could mean you have to change jobs or work more hours. Work schedule changes are difficult to navigate because our employers may not be able to assign someone else to the new schedule. When this happens, our family lives get disrupted and may require a modification to visitation and/or custody.

You or your ex-spouse remarries

This is a problematic reason for a change of circumstances. A new spouse is not enough reason to demand a modification to custody. You will need to demonstrate why the new step-parent should be unable to care for your child properly and that a change would be in their best interests.

Major health issues

Suppose your child was to develop a health issue that affects their ability to attend a school or require regular medical care. In that case, you might need to adjust custody arrangements to ensure you or the other parent are available to meet these new demands. In some cases, it could be one of the parents who become seriously ill and cannot appropriately care for their child like usual.

Some other reasons to modify a custody or visitation order could be if one parent were incarcerated, becomes abusive toward the child, or develops a drug addiction. This could also be a change in circumstances where your ex-spouse has completed drug treatment or is now out of jail and wants to increase their ability to participate in their child’s life. No matter your situation, speak with The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl before filing for a modification to your current child custody or visitation order.

Modification of Child Support Orders in DC and Maryland

Much like pursuing a change in your custody orders, a child support modification also requires a demonstrable difference in circumstances that impacts the well-being of your child. Whether you launch a successful business and have significantly increased your income or lost your job and cannot afford to buy necessary food and supplies when they come to visit, a modification is possible in certain situations. 
Additional circumstances where a parent paying or receiving support might want to file for a modification include:
  • A parent becomes disabled
  • A new child is born
  • The child develops a medical condition requiring treatment
  • One of the parents relocates, which adds an additional financial burden to facilitate visits
  • A parent experiences a significant increase or decrease in income
No matter your purpose for asking the court to change an order, its validity will remain in effect until your child is at least 18 years of age. 

Skilled Child Custody and Support Order Modification Attorneys Can Help

Not all family or life changes will be significant enough to warrant a modification of your current support or custody orders in DC or Maryland. To ensure your request has the best chance for court approval, work with the experienced family law attorneys of The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl. We have the necessary training and proven case successes to provide your request the best position with the court handling your modification proceeding. Call us today at (410) 696-4326 or (202) 964-7280 to schedule your consultation or reach out to us online to learn more.

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