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Comprehensive Legal Solutions For Families in Maryland and DC

At The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl, we provide full-service representation to families facing family law issues and to those wishing to secure financial security for their loved ones through estate planning. With years of experience representing families throughout the Washington D.C. area, our firm has an in-depth understanding of how local, state, and federal law can impact your case.

Hiring our firm to represent you means you not only enjoy the benefit of our extensive legal knowledge, but you also can have peace in mind with our history of successful outcomes for our clients. It is easy to understand why so many families and their loved ones rely on us to help them navigate complex issues related to divorcecustody, guardianships, and estate planning. Set up a consultation with us today and find out more about how our legal services can benefit your case.

Family Law

Family Law Attorneys Advocating For Your Rights

Our clients rely on us to represent them in numerous situations. The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl provides a broad range of family law services because many of these practice areas overlap.

If you have separated from your spouse or feel your marriage has failed, divorce may be the best option to help you and your loved ones find a solution to a stressful marital relationship. Before filing for divorce, it is crucial to sit down with an experienced divorce attorney to learn what the dissolution process entails and how it could impact your life going forward. 

The emotionally charged issue of child custody and support can cause a civil divorce proceeding to tailspin into disputes that can make the process drag on for years. Our firm strives to help you achieve a fair dissolution agreement with your spouse to avoid this situation if possible.

Estate Planning, Probate and Litigation

Effective Estate Planning, Probate and Litigation

When you need to protect your assets and ensure your family will benefit from a lasting legacy you leave behind, the estate planning attorneys at The Law Offices of Thomas Stahl should be your first call. We are passionate about being prepared for anything life throws our way and provide ongoing estate planning and probate legal services. Our team will help you achieve a multigenerational legacy that will continue to benefit your family or business for decades. 

Legal Guardianships

Attorneys to Help You Navigate Legal Guardianship Issues

Maryland and DC families have relied on our firm to help them protect the best interests of a vulnerable adult or minor child needing their care through guardianship actions. For some of us, we have elderly parents who can no longer make important choices regarding their long-term care or finances. Or a minor child’s parents cannot or will not provide them with the level of care, potentially exposing the child to dangerous circumstances and living arrangements.
In these delicate situations, it may be necessary to pursue legal guardianship over a vulnerable family member. Our team of family law attorneys has an in-depth understanding of third-party custody law, elder law, as well as disability law. 
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