Why you should avoid DIY divorce, especially in a contested divorce.

Alone husband signing divorce agreement

When it comes to putting up bookshelves, making over furniture, or refreshing a room, DIY can be a great option. Indeed, the appeal of DIYing anything is the money and the time it can save compared to when a professional completes the job.

Unfortunately, many people also apply this logic to divorces, believing they can successfully DIY them while avoiding all the negative consequences. Of course, this is rarely the case, and in fact, a DIY divorce can be problematic both in the short and the long term. A topic which you can read all about in the information below.

What is a DIY divorce?

A DIY divorce is where, instead of hiring professional legal representation, a couple or individual represents themselves.

Contested divorce vs uncontested

There are two types of divorce in Maryland and DC state law – uncontested and contested divorce. Only couples proceeding with an uncontested divorce are eligible for a DIY divorce. What that means is unless you agree on all the major issues such as spousal support, child support, child custody, division of assets, and division of debt you will not be eligible for a DIY divorce.

If you find yourself in a position where you do not agree on all these issues your divorce will be class and contested and so will not be eligible for DIY. However, there are significant disadvantages to DIY divorces which you can discover below, and this means even if you fall under the uncontested category, a DIT divorce may not be the best option.

Why you should avoid DIY divorce

There are several critical reasons why you should avoid DIY divorce. Discover what they are by reading on:

There is a reason why professional attorneys have to study and practice for a long time in their field. Law, and especially divorce law is a complicated field, and those without legal experience have little idea of all the critical information they are unaware of. Information that could have a massive bearing on whether they get a fair deal.

Lack of experience

Divorce isn’t just a matter of filling in a single form and waiting for the courts to process it. Indeed, divorce can be very complex and no mistakes must be made that could delay or jeopardize your case.

More stress

Even in the most amicable of divorces, stress is an ever-present feature. After all, you will rearrange your everyday life, as well as healing the emotions of the split, which begs the question why add to your already heavy burden?

Higher cost

Many people choose to DIY their divorce because they hope it will help them save on fees. However, this approach is often a false economy that ends up costing them more in the long run.

Indeed, by DIYing your divorce you risk making costly mistakes that delay the process and even reaching a settlement that is less than you are entitled to in Washing DC law.

Why hire a divorce lawyer?

Unless you have the extensive legal knowledge, experience, to successfully file your divorce yourself, partnering with our seasoned attorneys to get peace of mind knowing the legal advice and representation we provide you is backed by years of successful practice experience is a much more sensible option. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discover how we can help you transition from ‘we to me’.

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